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by Rory Taillon

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Warden 03:50
Dear Prisoner of your own prison, These walls were built upon your dead dreams, You don't let the sun shine upon you, You would rather be alone with your screams, You think that you're not very pretty, You cover your face and pretend not to be, This person that you were given, Instead you get in line and follow the sheep, Don't be prisoner of this prison, Together we can break down all these walls, You don't have to be another puppet, With strings tangled throughout your soul, Don't place yourself in solitary, Ignoring the pleas from your heart, I know the darkness can be scary, But it may be what sets you apart, From this wolf that haunts you, All he wants is to rip out your heart, Don't lock away the exit, Find the strength to play your part, Come with me and be free, Break these chains from around your soul, Remove the mask that you've made, This cave has become quite cold.
Stick that painful needle in my arm, And tell me that it will keep me from harm, It pulls my hair out one piece at a time, The doctor tells Mom that I'm out of time, I see a tear roll down her face, This shit will kill me no matter what my race, And I'm not afraid, I see elephants dancing with bears, My mind is free of cares, I sleep on sedatives, And wake to prying eyes, I won't give into their lies, White is the colour I love best, My ribs are sticking out of my chest, Wondering what my little sisters will say, They'll have to live without me one of these days, I'm walking to school I feel week at the knees, I fall and I yell, "Will someone help me please," Why the hell are you looking at me this way, As if I'm not supposed to look this way, I've had a good run anyway, Don't weep for me because my flesh is gone, Rejoice because I'm free, My hair flows right down to my knees, Stick that painful needle into my arm.
You come screaming into this world, Struggling to take the first breath, The man in white he makes an offer, Promised to help you run from death. Sold you some pretty poison, Said that it would only help you sleep, If heaven is full of angels, Than the devil's inside of me, Nobody lives forever, Keep that between you and me, It does not relieve the pressure, That brings me down to my knees, Sell me some wings to fly with, Sell me some happy memories.
Dance monkey dance, And I'll buy you another beer, Dance monkey dance, Keeping me grinning from ear to ear, A young poet in his basement, Writes of hardship and war, When he's older he's told to cheer up, And not to write about those things any more, A young girl in her summer dress, Dreams of dancing and being a star, Pretty soon all her dancing, Will be done on a table in a bar, An actor on a small stage, Pours his soul into the part, Forced to live like a poor man, He gives it all up for his art.
I place an iris on your heart, As they lower you to sleep, Next to your love, And as you're covered up, I thank you for the life, You've given me, I sat and held your hand, I tried to show you what, You mean to me, I hold it once again, A feeling once so warm, Is now cold as stone, I sat and held you close, You told me you were ready, And you were proud, And that you loved me, I dreamt the other night, That nothing changed, We talked as you sat in your chair, But now I'm awake, And I look at the chair, I feel something I can't bear, I place an iris on your heart, As they lower you to sleep, Next to your love.
Closure 03:25
No more need for tears, The darkness will soon be gone, And peace will overcome, Every life has an end, And my time has come, And you must move on, If fear poisons the soul, Then hope can be the cure, Under my wings you will find love, And I will be there, To guide you from above, And I will lead you through the fog, You must be brave, Your soul can not be won, And your fears you'll overcome, No more need for tears, The darkness will soon be gone, And peace will over come.


released January 12, 2012

All Songs Written* and Performed by Rory

Produced by Theo Posthumus and Rory

Audio Levels Balanced by Theo Posthumus

Recorded and Mixed at the Rhythm Complex in Oshawa, ON.

Drums recorded at Chalet Studios in Claremont, ON.

Mastered by Noah Mintz, at Lacquer Channel Mastering in Toronto, ON.

Artwork, Design and Layout by Rory

Warden: written and arranged by Rory Taillon; Drums - Justin Dillon, Bass and Rhythm Electric Guitar – Theo Posthumus
Jimmy: written and arranged by Rory Taillon; Drums – Justin Dillon
Death From A Jar: written by Rory Taillon, arranged by Rory Taillon and Theo Posthumus; Drums – Justin Dillon, Electric Guitar Solo – Bryan “Spun” Howarth
Dance Monkey Dance: written and arranged by Rory Taillon; Drums – Justin Dillon, Ukulele – Theo Posthumus
The Last Iris: written by Rory Taillon, arranged by Rory Taillon and Theo Posthumus
Closure: written by Rory Taillon and Theo Posthumus*, arranged by Rory Taillon; Drums – Justin Dillon, Bass and Rhythm Acoustic Guitar – Theo Posthumus


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Rory Taillon Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa-based singer/songwriter Rory Taillon is a road warrior, touring across the country and back again. He has the soul of the East coast but the sound of the West in his songs. His latest album, ‘Only Whispers’ is the work of a one man Wintersleep, a one man Tea Party, a one man Blackie & the Rodeo Kings, with a voice to match the majesty of the Rockies. ... more


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