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it's not black & white

by Rory Taillon

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Lone Bird 03:54
Dear God please tell me, That this is all one bad dream, I see a lone bird fly overhead, And wonder when we'll all end up dead, How can we not see, We can't eat money or drink gasoline? When will they open their eyes, And see the death raining down from the skies? Will we be free? We're fucked by those who swore to protect us, How could we not see who pulled their strings? The crack of the whip and the rattling chains, It's enough to drive this man insane, They pour death into our ocean and we look the other way, Their guilt to us, Is based on how much they'll pay.
Misfits 04:06
On the day that you're born they give you a number, Might as well imprint it on your face, Then they plan your whole life out for you, And expect you to join in their rat race, Then they teach you everything that they want you to know, Expect to question what you're told, Then they kick you out with only one direction, Expect you to follow it until you're old, What about the outcasts? The one's who don't do as their told, What about the misfits? The ones who don't fit into your mold, Where do they stand? You're taught to judge a man by only his possessions, The size of his house or the make of his car, Make sure you look like everyone else, Put on some make-up and cover up those scars.
Here I am, I'm lost again in my own mind, Listening to Jimi with a bottle of whiskey and a glass of wine, Dylan's words are echoing through my head, What could have filled the joker with such dread? (Well) I'm drinking until I'm sober, Or at least until I forget what brought me here, I'm dying to survive, So wont you bring me another beer, There's a man in my head, And he's tore me apart, He's taken all the blackness out of my heart, The real king of rock and roll was never white, He told Johnny to be good so he could not fight, A man filled with sadness has turned to hate, He's lost wandering around in this sorry state, Visions of his lost love ones float on by, He spent his whole life trying to find when it was his turn to die.
Durden 04:50
I'm afraid of this man that you all see, He's locked me away and he's taken the key, I can't help but think he's taken my face, And left me to die alone in this place, He took my life, He took my grace, He stole the memory of our last embrace, (Oh)I'm splitting in two, You should run and hide, I've been told that I'm the evil one inside, All these chemicals messing with my head, I've begun to speak with the dead, The narrator never had his story straight, Mister Hyde was what made the doctor great, Drug away my desire to be free, Drug away my desire to be me, (Oh)I'm splitting in two, You should run and hide, I've been told that I'm the evil one inside, With his noose around my neck, His gun pointed at my head, The crowd gives a cheer, They all want me dead, The gallows they scream as he tightens the rope, I look out and see your eyes are filled with hope, I stare in my face and begin to smile, I say, "I'll be back here in a while", I split in two and you did run and hide, I became the evil one inside, I'm the evil one inside.
Have you ever wanted to run so fast you could fly? Leave this world behind you and take to the sky? Oh then someone came and they clipped your wings, Nailed them to the ground and told you not so sing, Have you ever wanted to swim across the sea? Hold your breath, Jump in and be free? Oh then someone came and they put you in a cage, Told you to smarten up and act your age, When I look in the mirror, I don't like what I see, That old man in the suit, Used to be, Oh then someone came, And took away all his dreams, Left him naked on the floor with no one to hear his screams, Now he stares back at me through the glass, I'm just a sad glimpse for him into the past, And with tears flowing down his face, He asks me to save him, Take him away from this place.
Jukebox 03:34
Oh don't try to paint a smile on my face, You might get my fist back in yours, I wont be a puppet, don't make that mistake, I'm not putting up with your shit anymore, I sing the songs that I want to sing, I'm not some puppet on a string, I wont be your jukebox no more, Oh mister bartender, Please come down here and pour me something strong, I'm sitting here trying to think about what to play, And this asshole's yelling out the same song, Oh a curious wall and a free bird, Are pounding on my head, Make it stop, please make it stop, Sometimes it makes me wish I was dead.
Man of Stone 04:54
He walks through streets alone, Watching the cars go by, With no where to call his home, He's just looking for a place to die, Chased away from his land, They all spit in his face, As he held out his hand, They told him he was a disgrace, Oh he's a man of stone, But I can see through his disguise, He's the man of stone, But I can see tears in his eyes, I can see the tears in his eyes, Sits alone in the dark, Trying to drink away the pain, Never wanted to play his part, He can't remember his own, And with tears in his eyes, He cries out in pain, "Oh, I've lost it all, what's left for you to gain?"


released September 13, 2013

©Rory Taillon All Rights Reserved
All songs written by Rory Taillon and performed by Rory Taillon & the Old Souls

The Old Souls consist of Bryan Howarth on lead electric and slide guitar, Theo Posthumus on bass and Justin Dillon on drums. Additional instruments are Julie Taillon on kick drum for Jukebox, Theo Posthumus on extra percussion for Drinking Until Sober and Jukebox.

Produced by Theo Posthumus and Rory Taillon.

Audio levels balanced by Theo Posthumus on location in Australia

Recorded at Chalet Recording Studio in Claremont Ontario, with the exception of Man of Stone which was recorded live at the Chapel at Coalition Music in Toronto and Through the Glass which was recorded at The Rhythm Complex in Oshawa.

Engineered by Theo Posthumus with the exception of Drinking Until Sober which was co-engineered by Dave Featherstone and Man of
Stone which was engineered by Roger Psutka.

Mastered by Peter Letros of Wreckhouse Mastering, Toronto.

Artwork, design and layout by Rory Taillon.

I want to give a very special thanks to my beautiful wife Julie who continues to offer endless support in everything I do, for putting up with my insanity and always sees the light in things when I can’t. I love you babe, you play one mean kick drum and I don’t think I’d be able to do this without you. Theo, for making this once again possible in a time when I wouldn’t have had the strength. Always pushing me to do better and keep going, I love you brother. Bryan for sticking with me as we try to build up that old dream of ours. Justin, for always jumping right in and adding so much character to everything. Dave and Sheila-Marie, for your wonderful hospitality, your generosity and your faith in what we do. My family for all the support, putting up with the noise in the basement and for still coming out to shows. Roger for taking the time and special interest in how to tame the beast that is my voice. Will for taking me under his wing. Whiskey for still making me know I’ve got another take in me. Vel for helping me take it to the next level. Boyes for always being there when I need him (phrasing). Doris for showing me I can be who I want to be and do what I want. For always guiding me to be a better version of myself. I miss you… And I want to thank you, the ones who make this possible. For listening to the music, coming out to the shows, drinking beers with us and keeping the dream alive.


all rights reserved



Rory Taillon Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa-based singer/songwriter Rory Taillon is a road warrior, touring across the country and back again. He has the soul of the East coast but the sound of the West in his songs. His latest album, ‘Only Whispers’ is the work of a one man Wintersleep, a one man Tea Party, a one man Blackie & the Rodeo Kings, with a voice to match the majesty of the Rockies. ... more


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